DIY Tool Rental: Top 10 Essential Tools for Every Enthusiast

diy tool rental

Are you a passionate DIY enthusiast ready to take on your next home improvement project? Whether you're remodeling your kitchen, building a deck, or simply fixing a leaky faucet, having the right tools can make all the difference in the success of your project. However, buying every tool you need can be costly and impractical, especially for one-time or occasional use.

That's where Jones Rental in Ashland, Ohio, comes to the rescue. We understand the needs of DIY enthusiasts like you and offer a wide range of rental tools to help you tackle any project efficiently and affordably. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to the top 10 essential tools every DIY enthusiast should consider renting from Jones Rental.

Power Drill

A power drill is a versatile tool that no DIY enthusiast should be without. From drilling holes to driving screws, a high-quality power drill will save you time and effort. Whether you're working with wood, metal, or masonry, our rental power drills are reliable and powerful, making any drilling task a breeze.

Circular Saw

When it comes to cutting through various materials, a circular saw is indispensable. Perfect for making straight cuts or angled cuts, our rental circular saws provide precision and power. With safety features and easy-to-use controls, you'll have the confidence to tackle any cutting job effectively.

Air Compressor and Nail Gun

Say goodbye to manual hammering! Renting an air compressor and nail gun will revolutionize your woodworking and construction projects. From framing to trim work, these tools make fastening tasks quick and hassle-free.

Tile Saw

Planning a bathroom or kitchen renovation? Renting a tile saw is a must. With precise cutting abilities, our tile saws allow you to create clean and professional-looking tile installations. Say goodbye to uneven cuts and let our rental tile saws do the job with ease.

Pressure Washer

Revive your outdoor surfaces and remove dirt, grime, and mildew effortlessly with a pressure washer. Our rental pressure washers provide high-pressure water streams, making cleaning patios, decks, driveways, and siding a breeze. Restore the beauty of your outdoor spaces in no time.

Paint Sprayer

Achieve a smooth and professional finish with a paint sprayer. Whether you're repainting a room or giving your furniture a facelift, our rental paint sprayers deliver even coats of paint efficiently and save you time compared to traditional brush or roller methods.


Augers play a crucial role for DIY enthusiasts, providing them with a powerful and efficient solution for various digging and drilling tasks. Whether you're installing fence posts, planting trees, or digging holes for a new deck, augers are essential tools that make the process faster and easier.


Working at heights requires a reliable and secure ladder. Renting a ladder ensures your safety while reaching those high areas during painting, cleaning gutters, or installing light fixtures. Our rental ladders come in various sizes to suit your specific project needs.


When your project takes you to remote locations or areas without electricity, a generator becomes indispensable. Renting a generator will provide you with the power needed to operate your tools and keep your project moving forward smoothly.

As a DIY enthusiast, having access to the right tools can make all the difference in the success of your projects. Instead of investing in expensive tools that may only be used occasionally, consider renting from Jones Rental in Ashland, Ohio. With our top 10 essential tools, including power drills, circular saws, nail guns, and more, you can tackle any DIY project efficiently and affordably.

Save money, storage space, and hassle by renting the tools you need when you need them. Visit Jones Rental today and experience the convenience and quality of our rental equipment. Let us empower your DIY endeavors and turn your vision into reality.