How Tool Rentals Can Help Small Businesses Save on Costs - Jones Rental

Running a small business often means carefully navigating a tight budget, with every decision impacting the bottom line. Investing in expensive tools and equipment can put a strain on those limited finances, but securing the necessary resources to tackle jobs efficiently is essential for a business to grow. This is where Jones Rental comes in, offering rental assistance for small businesses to help them save on costs without compromising on the quality of tools and equipment used on their projects.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Jones Rental is dedicated to providing high-quality tools and equipment, enabling small business owners in Ashland, Ohio, and the surrounding areas to complete their projects successfully without breaking the bank. Being the largest rental company in the Ashland area, we pride ourselves on offering only the best, most reliable tools to our customers, ensuring seamless project execution.

Here's how rental assistance for small businesses through tool rentals can save money and benefit your business:

Reduce Initial Investment

Buying expensive tools and equipment when setting up your business can be a significant financial strain. By opting for a tool rental service like Jones Rental, you invest only in the tools and machinery you need for a specific project, freeing up your funds to put towards marketing, employee training, or other business-related needs.

Eliminate Maintenance Expenses

Maintaining a wide range of tools and equipment can be costly and time-consuming, especially for small businesses with limited resources. With Jones Rental, you no longer need to worry about maintenance expenses, as all tools and equipment rented from us are well-maintained and in optimal condition. This allows you to focus your resources on growing your business rather than on the upkeep of your tools.

Access to Latest Technology

Technology in the tool and equipment market is continuously evolving, and staying up-to-date can be challenging for small businesses. At Jones Rental, we keep our inventory current, ensuring that our customers have access to the latest tools and equipment. This not only helps you save on upgrading costs but also ensures that your team is working with efficient, advanced technology.


Running a small business often involves experimenting with different services and exploring new opportunities. Tool rental services like Jones Rental allow you to try out various tools and equipment without committing to the purchase. This flexibility enables you to adapt your services to meet the demands of your clients or expand your business scope by testing new markets.

Jones Rental is committed to supporting small businesses in Ashland, Ohio, and the surrounding areas by offering dependable and affordable tool rental options. By renting tools and equipment instead of purchasing them outright, businesses can save on costs while maintaining the flexibility needed to grow and thrive. Discover how tool rental can transform your company, and visit Jones Rental for all your tool and equipment rental needs.